Webkinz Lollipop Snail Now Available

The Webkinz Lollipop Snail is now available in the Ganz eStore until May 10th, 2013. As with most snails, the Lollipop Snail moves at a slow pace, but what they lack in speed they make up for with vibrant colors. Their shell looks like a delicious lollipop. They also love driving around Webkinz World in their Candy Car. When not putting the pedal to the metal, the Lollipop Snail loves eating Rainbow Meringues with other Webkinz pets.

Webkinz Lollipop Snail

Regular: 12,500 eStore Points
Deluxe: 12,500 eStore Points
Pet Special Item: Candy Car
Pet Special Food: Rainbow Meringues

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