January 2014 Webkinz

New Webkinz in January 2014

Every several months Webkinz releases a new line of stuffed animals to purchase, register, collect, and play. They can be found in most big-chain stores and online for usually around $8-$13 depending on the store and what type of Webkinz. But only a certain amount of Webkinz are made for each collection. Once they run out, you will be unable to purchase them as they are “retired”. However, if you have already purchased and registered a retired animal you can continue to play with them. Here is a list of the brand new line of Webkinz animals released in January 2014 and some facts about each one.

Webkinz Blonde Dachshund

The Webkinz Blonde Dachshund is fancy dog that loves gold, living in luxury, and being pampered! Its Special Food, Vanilla Cannoli must always be served on a gold plate. During its off time, it loves to sleep on its Special Item the Gold Armchair. This little puppy loves luxury and the fancy life for sure!

Webkinz Whoo La La Owl

Like the Blonde Dachshund, the Webkinz Whoo La La Owl also loves to live in luxury. But she has a fun, spontaneous side too! This pink, purple, and white little bird’s favorite activities include going out with friends and playing dress up. Its Special Item the custom Blingin’ Accessories Box stores all the various outfits it own. While relaxing, it loves to enjoy its Special Food, Pampered Pudding.

Webkinz Lovely Love Kitten

The Webkinz Lovely Love Kitten is an adorable little white and pink cat covered in hearts. Just like its owner, all this kitten’s favorite items are also covered in hearts! Including its Special Item the Candy Heart Couch. This kitten loves to have friends over for a fancy little tea party where she serves her Special Food, Rose Petal Tea. But tea parties can never replace its favorite activity, getting beauty sleep and relaxing.

Webkinz Ballet Pup

The Webkinz Ballet Pup is also white and pink. Its favorite activity is to perform ballet on its Special Item an adorable Pink Tutu Table. Its Special Food is Sugarplum Sorbet, a perfect reward after putting on a perfectly entertaining show! To showcase its love for ballet, this puppy is covered in cute little designs such as ballet shoes, “I <3 Ballet”, and ballet tutus.

What are Webkinz?

Launched in 2005, Webkinz has become the leading stuffed animal, online virtual toy.

Webkinz are collectible stuffed animal toys that come in various designs and colors. Each webkinz comes with a code that the user can register online in the “Webkinz World”. By registering their stuffed animal the owner can have access to an online playable character.

Why Buy Webkinz?

The ability to be played in person and online has made this a very attractive toy to both children and parents.  It’s the perfect combination of traditional play and future play with computers.

Many people might not see use in the online virtual world, but some studies have shown that online virtual worlds can actually be beneficial to children.

In a virtual world children can learn the value of abiding by rules, earning money, and being responsible. It's almost like mimicking real life duties and mixing it with play.

Rules of Webkinz

All Webkinz World users are required to follow a set of rules, or laws, that help keep everyone safe. These rules include:

  • No foul language

  • No inappropriate behavior

  • Do not reveal any personal information; such as, name, address, age, etc.

  • Be nice. No bullying!

Anyone who doesn’t abide by these rules are in danger of being banned for a certain time. Multiple infractions will cause a user to be banned for good.

Lessons to be learned through Webkinz World

Virtual worlds, like the Webkinz World, have been proven to give children basic understanding of certain adult responsibilities. These include:

  • Earning money. Players can earn KinzCash (the virtual money in Webkinz World) by accepting “job” (playing mini-games), winning challenges, and drawings.

  • Budgeting money. With their KinzCash they make their own decisions on what to buy and spend on. This gives them training on making monetary decisions.

  • Responsibility. While in the Webkinz World, a user must take care of their webkinz as they would a real life pet. This includes bathing, feeding, and playing.

  • Following rules and laws as mentioned above

What Else Can a User do on Webkinz?

Besides the rules and lessons while play, Webkinz is still very fun! Other activities to be done on Webkinz include:

  • Meeting up with friends, inviting them to your home, throwing parties, chatting safely in a 24/7 monitored environment, and sending them gifts and messages

  • Exploring the different locations within Webkinz World

  • Swimming (If your pet has a swimming pool)

  • And a lot more!

If you’re interested in purchasing from this new collection, do it as soon as possible! This collection is going to very popular and go into retirement quickly. You child will enjoy his or her new Webkinz!

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