Catch the Leprechaun in Webkinz World

Make sure you visit the Clubhouse between March 7th and March 17th, 2013 because the Leprechaun will make an appearance. No one knows when, or at what time, so you'll have to check frequently so you can catch him. If you do see him, click on him to catch him and he'll give you a jelly coin. When you collect six jelly coins, you'll unlock the grand prize. No one knows what the grand prize is yet, but I have a feeling its a chest full of gold. Don't want to collect all those coins? Then you can head over to the eStore and buy all you need. You can also feed jelly coins to your pet .

Treasure Chest

During the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day, be on the lookout for the floating Clover Patty in Webkinz News and Webkinz World. If you catch one, your pet will get a special treat. Be sure to log in to Webkinz World on St. Patrick's Day to claim a special treat, too.

Clover Patty

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